Web Development Training

Our Learning Path

Front end development

  1. Consciouness/Mindfullness
  2. World top universities and tech companies like google are giving more emphasis on mindfulness(consciousness) as it brings clarity of thought and superlearning abilities

  3. Memory art and Mind Mapping
  4. It totally changes the way your your brain perceives and processes information

  5. Rapid touch type training
  6. The journey of super learning begins here: you will start typing like a pro just in three hours training!

  7. Linux basic
  8. HTML5  basic
  9. CSS basic.
  10. Project I

The end of first term

  1. Git  basic
  2. Github
  3. Gulp 
  4. Advanced HTML5
  5. Advanced CSS
  6. Project II
  7. Bootstrap V
  8. Project III

The end of second term

  1. Javascript Basic
  2. Project IV
  3. Javascript Advanced (vue framework)
  4. Project V

The end of the third term

The end of front end development

Back end development

  1. Core php
  2. Database design basic
  3. Sql basic 
  4. Project VI

The end of the fourth term

  1. Advanced php and oop
  2. Project VII
  3. Hosting  
  4. Project VIII

The end of the fifth term

The end of back end development

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Learning, especially coding is a complex mental process. Many have attempted to learn coding using the conventional way of learning and many have experienced disappointment after spending a lot of money , time and energy. There are millions of freelance jobs ond online software and web development jobs out there, but it is not common in our country to exploit these job opportunities even individuals with IT/CS background. Getting talented developers is very hard  that is the probable reason why tech companies in our country focus on customizing finished software products. Natnaelmemory/nashimind uses innovative and transformative learning approaches especially designed to master coding. You are invited to come and attend our presentation on learning to code using accelerated learning technologies.

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